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Around the Supper Table


We gather around our supper table daily to share with family. Not only do we enjoy the hugs and laughter, but it gives us an opportunity to share our journey with each other so that we can strengthen and encourage one another.

We have created this blog in hopes that our struggles, and sometimes revelations, can help you. We know that life can be difficult, but it is only through Him that we “live, and move, and have our being . . .” as stated in Acts 17:28. He hasn’t taken our struggle from us, but He has given us purpose in our struggles that we may help each other. We appreciate feedback and prayer requests.

In Matthew 11:28-30 it reminds us to, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

King-Sized Molasses Cookies

Print Everything is bigger in Texas, right?  And, bigger is better?  Well, these cookies, regardless of the size you decide to make them, are likely to take you on a trip down memory lane.  Every time Gigi makes these for..... Read More

Campfire Delight Cake

Is there anything better than finishing a campfire picnic with s’mores?  Are you craving that warm combination of chocolate and marshmallow, but don’t want to make a fire?  Try this chocolate layer cake with a toasted marshmallow frosting.  Unlike a..... Read More

Shepherd’s Pie

Print What do you do with short ribs?  It seems when we’re helping customers with their customized beef cut sheets, this is a common question.  Most people don’t like or want beef short ribs, so Nana’s been experimenting.  She’s been..... Read More

Italian Bread Bowls

Print Aunt Alisa is our bread expert.  She loves making it, and we love eating it.  Since dinner rolls, French bread, jalapeno cheddar bread from a Dutch oven, yeast biscuits, butterhorns, cornbread, hoe cakes, (Shall we go on?) isn’t’ enough,..... Read More

Papas con Chile

Print As you know, Aunt Ky likes all things spicy, and when she goes to a restaurant and likes a dish, she soon starts trying to replicate it. This is Aunt Ky’s version of Abuelo’s potatoes without bell peppers and..... Read More

Cherry Berry in a Cloud

Print This dessert tastes as good as it looks.  You feel yourself float with each bite of cream cheese and marshmallow filling served in a cloud of meringue and then topped with a mixture of cherries and berries. Although Aunt..... Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers

Print On Valentine’s Day everyone needs chocolate, right? What about a homemade chocolate treat? It would be great for your sweetheart, teacher, mother, or just about anyone you love. This is one of Aunt Alisa's go-to treats, and they're always..... Read More

Cranberry Sauce

Print There are some, Aunt Kati, that believe turkey and dressing is not complete without cranberry sauce.  There is just something about the sweet and tart flavors that pair with the deep and earthy flavors of Uncle Chris’ turkey and..... Read More

Cherry Pie

Print As a child, Gigi enjoyed eating cherry pies that her grandmother would make, and now she enjoys making it for her grandchildren, especially Samuel.  She doesn’t like desserts too sweet, so she makes sure to get tart cherries, but..... Read More

Nana’s Meatballs

Print When you think of meatballs, you automatically think of spaghetti (with homemade marinara), right?  Well, Nana also makes her own meatballs when making her wedding soup on cold winter days.  Yes, you can buy premade meatballs, but if you..... Read More