Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you finish your cattle with grain and corn?

They are grass fed, then we finish them on corn and grain to develop marbling that allows for an even distribution of fat that makes your meat flavorful and tender. Many people notice a gamey taste to cattle that has not been finished with corn and grain.

Can I order specific cuts like T-bone and ribeye?

Yes, you receive the cuts that are in your portion of the animal, but you cannot buy only one cut at a time from us. You can determine your cuts through our custom butchering process if you purchase a half or whole animal. A quarter calf purchase comes with a standard package. If you want to see either the cut sheet or the standard package, just contact us.

What is included when I buy from you?

You are buying a live animal from Sanctuary Family Farms. Your price per pound rate includes your meat processing fees (cut and wrap) and us delivering your animal to the processor. We also communicate with the processor about the custom butchering process and your specific requests. We will arrange a pickup date and time when your meat is ready. Then, we will meet you at the processor, weigh your boxed meat, and help you load your vehicle.

Why do you sell by the processed pound?

We sell by processed weight, because it is the easiest way for you to understand buying meat. Processed weight is the weight of the meat you take home. Hanging weight, on the other hand, still has extra fat and bone that you don’t take home. Take a minute to look at our comparison of the processed price per pound to the hanging weight price per pound.

How much freezer space do I need for a quarter beef?

A quarter beef will take approximately 7 cubic feet of space in a freezer. This is about the size of the typical freezer attached to a refrigerator.

How much freezer space do I need for whole pig?

Depending on the live weight, your pig will yield about 150 pounds of processed meat. You will need around 8 cubic feet of freezer space for this much pork.

How much do I pay for extras like bones, liver, heart, etc.?

If you want bones or organ meat, it will be weighed with your processed meat. This option is available if you buy a half or a whole beef. Just use your meat selection cut sheet to request the extras you want from your animal.

Will you sell organ meat only?

Not at this time. We sell quarter, half, and whole calves & half and whole pigs. You can request certain organs, such as heart and liver, of your animal to take home with your meat.