The Bible says that when we are hearers of the word, but not doers of the word, it is like someone who sees himself in a mirror then walks away forgetting what he has seen.  To me that means that when I see a reflection of myself and seek not to change, I soon forget what I saw to change.

In case you did not know, I have a shaved head; I am not bald.  My wife, Sarah, made that choice when I kept complaining about my thinning hair.  Now she said, “No more moving hair around.” as she cut the rest of my hair off.  If we take action instead of complaining, things do change.

We as Christians are great talkers, and we overestimate our own spirituality, bravery, or our likeness to David or Samuel.  We are talking badass believers.  If talking is a fruit of the spirit, we are overstuffed giants of our imagination, arch angels of disciples, and buds with Jesus.  No wander He did it all for me.

Just listen to the revised version or my rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, “My own father in heaven, only is my name.  My kingdom come, my will be done on earth like I want.  Forgive those who do not understand my sincerity and true devotion.”  You say, “Stop Pa!”  That will never bring happiness.  You’re probably right.  What is the difference in people saying they love Jesus, are devoted disciples, true spiritual giants, and only present works of wood, hay, and stubble.  If we do not act on what we believe, then we do not believe.  (Say it again.)  If we do not act on what we believe, then we do not believe.

Now comes the excuses: what about people who are quadriplegic, are on a deserted island, are unable to speak English, or are blind?  Yes, I have considered all of that, but I recon you’re none of these.  You are an excuse junkie.  Furthermore, people with those conditions listed above that do the works of Jesus are seen as the real heroes.  They are people like Joni Eareckson; what a giant in the faith.

Do something, or give something to genuinely share with someone, because you really love Jesus.  The law of inertia, or Newton’s first law of motion, says something like ‘what is in motion tends to stay in motion, and what is at rest tends to stay at rest . . . unless acted upon by something from the outside.  So push, pry, and shove yourself off the couch of complacency.  Jesus will be there if you do.  The Holy Spirit will fill you if you just empty some of your self-pity.

Well, I hope I have shaken your do-nothing attitude.  Give encouragement to someone that is moving towards Jesus.  It has been said that if I can, I will always make waves.  My wife reminds me that I cannot tolerate still water.  I throw in a rock every now and then.  Make waves of spiritual change.  Be blessed, and have faith AND works.

— Written by Pa

The picture is of Nana and Pa on their wedding day. We wanted to show you a picture of Pa with hair.