I have prayed for Jesus and the Spirit to please speak through me for this blog.  I am split between two thoughts today about Christmas.  We here at Sanctuary Family Farms are blessed beyond measure.  The work is very busy and tiring, but we are blessed by doing it.  There is nowhere I’d rather be than for all of us believers worldwide to be in heaven.  Maybe next year!!

I want to express first that not everyone will be at peace this Christmas season for various reasons: sickness, death, financial worries, or just loneliness.  So I know that people facing these trials need to have peace and joy.  When the angels spoke to the shepherds and told them that the Lord had come, the shepherds, in curiosity to find out who could bring peace to this earth, made the journey to Bethlehem.  I am sure they were surprised to find a king born in a stable lying in a feed trough.  This was so contradictive of anyone’s idea of a king.   Where was His throne, royal clothes, armies, gold and jewels, banquets of food, stockings, or even Christmas tree?  How was He going to bring peace to the earth?  We can still be filled with joy and amazement that Jesus loves us without all the trappings we have today.

If for whatever reason you find yourself without family or friends, you can have much to be thankful for beyond material goods.  Just take a moment to imagine yourself at Christ’s banquet in heaven.  If you are a believer, then all those who have ever loved you or recognized your worth in Jesus will be there to celebrate.  Jesus has indeed prepared a home for us, so we, like the shepherds, can be in His presence and receive His love and the kingdom of peace, joy, and righteousness.  In your heart, Jesus is going to be there to give you peace on earth and eternal hope of a wonderful heaven.

If you do not have money, give a call to someone you think of and send them a blessed message; you will receive one back.  Just say, “It is Jesus’ Day.  Remember the solution to your fears and loneliness is to believe.”  Repeat the Lord’s Prayer again and again, and your spirit life will emerge.  Remember we all have been down and depressed.  You are not alone.  Call us for prayer.  We will believe the truth with you.

Now for the people who are blessed in spirit and family.  Take your family to others and sing Christmas carols; cook a ham and take it to someone that would appreciate it.  You may be able to split it between two or more families.  When you as a family or tribe give, it is the greatest way to bring your family together.  If we teach our children that Christmas is about receiving, then they will always feel they are in need.  If it is about sharing, we will always have our needs met.

From me and our tribe, Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

— Written by Pa