I must confess that I am a watchman, a seer.  People would say that I am like a prophet.  I think prophets speak what they hear from messengers, angels, or straight from God.  Like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Samuel, I just keep a lookout.  In the Bible, when the second temple in Jerusalem was being built, watchmen were posted on the walls; we call it guard duty today.  When they saw an enemy approach, they sounded an alarm.

The Bible says that some of us are called to guard duty, to look into Biblical prophecy and current events with a cautious eye to danger.  Problem is sometimes, because we are high on the top of the walls, we can see over obstacles, hills, and forests that people on the ground cannot see.  When the warning is sounded, it is not welcomed, appreciated, or believed.  People tend to be skeptical to what they do not want to hear and downright doubtful, just like Thomas.

What amazes me is not that people are in so much denial that they stick their heads in the sand, but that God still warns them again and again, not wanting any to perish but to come to a repentance.  I sure do not have that depth of love.

So what do I see?  Exactly what the Scriptures have warned us about.  Sometimes it is hard for people to see prophecy of famine, economic collapse, war, or disease (Revelation 6) in modern times even when it is right in front of them: stock market collapse (white horse), war (red horse), famine (black horse).  How could the prophets and Jesus know 2,000 years ago what would be happening today?  If you believe Jesus is God, the answer is evident.

I only know that if I do not warn of danger coming there will be a judgment for me, and I am avoiding that with this clear massage.  It doesn’t matter what happens first – economic demise, civil conflict, war – every smart, thinking person knows we cannot escape from our own sins.  The just, with the unjust, will suffer tribulation, but only with Jesus as our lord and savior will we be able to endure it.  Daniel was righteous, but he went into Babylon as a captive.  If the Jews who heard Jesus speak in Matthew 24 had believed Him and heeded His word, they would have survived the Roman destruction of Judea in 70AD.

Please, remove your head out of the sand.  God is here.  Serve Him, and be safe.

— Written by Pa