Good Morning Fellow Christians,

It’s good to be alive and in God’s graces.  Wow things are moving fast in the world.  It seems like 52-card pickup.  That is where you through all of the cards in the deck into the air and pick them up.  Dumb, right?

The world is in more panic than I have seen in my lifetime, and that is nearly 75 years.  Not just in one area, but all areas and all depths.  Now, I long for the good ‘ol days when I was in the 8th grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We would practice crawling under our desks or just lying on top of them for nuclear war drills.  People were on edge and in panic, but we were too detached to really care about a nuclear war across the ocean, especially right before our upcoming Spanish test.  Those were the good ‘ol bad days, right?

Now we are living in such a time that I really believe whatever or whoever kept society in check has been withdrawn from the earth (2 Thessalonians 2:7).  I am too old and big to fit under a desk, and I am too knowledgeable of the facts.  Oh, was I ignorant.  What a blessing.  To hide anywhere but under the shadow of his wings, is foolish (Psalm 17:8).  That is where I will stay in Him.  That is a place when I am giving to the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, rejoicing, praising, and worshiping Jesus.  The kingdom within us shall not suffer loss.  Even if we perish at the hands of evil, they cannot kill a soul that is rejoicing in Jesus (Matthew 10:28).

Keep on keeping on, pray without ceasing, bless others, live a life of joy and peace.  Live because your king provides for you forever on His throne.

— Written by Pa

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