We usually save our page for our business and family as it relates to the farm, but as the chaotic 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, we want to recognize two of our own in their academic pursuits.  When these two are on the farm, we try to teach both of them to work hard and take care of those closest to them as the later will carry them further than any academic skill or academic honor they earn.  As the Bible reminds us at the end of chapter 4 in 1 Timothy, “godliness is profitable above all things” and that (regardless of age), we are expected to be an example of Christ to those around us, “in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

First, Erin.  She is a sweetheart to those closest to her, but when it comes to school, she is a fierce competitor.  She sets goals, then meticulously executes her plan as each day passes.  This discipline serves her well, as she recently took her first, and because of her score, last MCAT earning a score that is more than 10 points above the average applicant.  We are so proud of her as she takes one step closer to becoming a doctor.  We pray that she doesn’t forget where her talents and study habits originate.

We also have Michaela.  She has been a diligent student with self-directed study habits since she was young.  As she has grown up, she has learned to trust her abilities and, despite her creativity, showcase her academic skills in the academic setting.  She has used her creativity to participate in One-Act Play the first three years of high school.  She was named to the all-star cast her freshman year, and she earned Best Actress her sophomore and junior year.  She was also the state champion in Extemporaneous Speaking for her school’s Business Professionals of America team her junior year.  When she is not studying for school or creating for others, she is wrangling one of the younger kiddos with tall tales or lessons she has learned along the way.  Because of her determination, she graduated as valedictorian of her high school class.  We are all excited to see her pursue her academics as she melds her God-given intelligence with her keen intuitiveness to pursue her studies in psychology.