Dear Fellow Sojourner,

I start that way, because all I trust about you is that you are a seeker of truth.  I wish I could sit across from you and hear your life story, laugh at your humorous experiences, and empathize with your sorrows.  I would most like to hear you struggles and your victories.  I know if you read our blogs, you are fighting the fight of believing in Jesus, or you may still be in the great struggle to find purpose.  If that is the case, keep the faith and finish your purpose.  

I spent thirty years in counseling, and I know a lot about our collective lives.  I love overcomers.  Revelations says, “they loved not their lives unto the death.”  That to me means they came a long way in overcoming their narcissism or selfish love.  Selfish love means that you never felt totally loved or accepted, so you try to take everyone else’s love from them to make yourself feel important.

The real lie that Satan always tells us is that by taking fruit from a forbidden tree, or what belongs to other people, we will be happy.  Sadly, that did not turn out well for Eve or the entire world.  There are two types of people in this world – givers and takers.  The takers will always struggle to have, keep, and use things to make themselves important only to end lonely, bitter, and self-deprived.

Givers, on the other hand, have joy, a sense of significance, and identity with all great people.  Take Jesus, what a giver; He gave His all and ended poor with not even a bed or roof over His head.  He had no bank account, and His clothes were stolen right before He was publicly murdered.  What do you call someone that gives the ultimate sacrifice – love beyond imagination?  He is the son of God, and has a heavenly place sitting on the right hand of God, is worshipped by millions and millions, and is totally loved by His disciples.  That is pretty good for someone born in a stable. 

So, put aside your bitterness due to unfairness, abuse, neglect, discrimination, and rejection; practice giving so that you can end standing beside Him.  What does that look like?  No, not money.  That is so impersonal.  Go and by a meal for a hungry family or shoes for someone who has none, call an elderly person or someone you know is lonely, give encouragement to people around you, bake a cake for a neighbor and invite them over, write a letter of appreciation to anyone who really tries to represent Christ, or volunteer at a church or homeless shelter.  I know if you give with the right mindset, the Holy Spirit will guide you.

So, tell me if I really missed the spirit on this blog, and if I did, just pray for me.  I will pray for you.