Hello, my name is Sarah, but everyone calls me Nana.  Pa and I are the oldest at Sanctuary Family Farms, and I have had a myriad of experiences simply because of my age.  In all of those years, I can’t think of one experience where God has not been with me as promised in Psalms 37:25, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”  As long as I have stayed close to God and included Him in my life, I can look back and refer to all of my struggles as purpose through God.


There are times that I must seek God to find that purpose, and when I am patient, the answer is always there.  It comes through prayer, reading my Bible, and just waiting.  At one time in our life, our family lived in Granbury, Texas.  Pa had a thriving counseling practice, and I was extremely comfortable being a mom and attending activities at our church and school.  I was also happy in the new home we had built together.  It was custom designed, and our young family had shared many fond memories in it.  Then, my aging parents began needing help.  My perfect world was beginning to be shaken as our family talked about moving to West Texas to help my parents.


Finally, the time came.  A small church in West Texas, and I mean really small compared to where we were at the time, needed a pastor.  It also happened to be the church that my parents attended.  Pa and I prayed, and, despite my feelings, God led us to move closer to them.  Was I happy about moving?  Absolutely not.  I was devastated but still knew God wanted us there.  Houses can be rebuilt, new memories can be made, but time cannot be changed.  There was a window in their life that was closing.  So, we packed up our home and two small boys and moved to West Texas.  Feeling forsaken, yet knowing the righteous are never forsaken by God, I got through the situation with purpose in Christ.


Since living here, we have adopted our third son, Lee.  Now we have three sons: Chris, Jeremiah, and Lee.  All of them are Christians, and all three have married Christian wives.  In addition to that, there are now six wonderful grandkids who all love God.  We also have many Christian friends.  What else could one ask for in life?


I certainly don’t call that forsaken by God.  There are times when we all think we have been forsaken by God.  Remember that as we put our hope and trust in Christ, He has and always will have a purpose for each situation.  And He will not forsake us.


— Written by Nana