Well Trump could not or would not pull a rabbit out of a hat and keep the presidency. I hate it when dishonest men prevail and when it is obvious to me there is no courage or moral fortitude among the conservative members of the Supreme Court. It seems that most in Congress lack the conviction of truth, honesty, and integrity. The question God asks me is, “What surprises you? Didn’t I tell you in the last days men would be deceivers, lovers of self?”

“Yes God.”

That is what our world says, “Good people are “supposed” to be nice, kind, and do the right thing.” Yes, I know. That was the 1950s idea of a good person. That is certainly not the case today.

What can I do? I will never accept good is evil and evil is good. I must accept, by faith, that God is always good and that He never acts without purpose.

So why do I look down instead of up? I have a tendency to believe that I have “the” answer, and if things do not turn out my way, then God failed. What a narrow-minded narcissistic view. Do I believe that God’s ways are above my ways? (That means that God knows more, understands more, and all things work together for the (even my) good to them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.) A resounding, “Yes!”

No matter the outcome of anything, I want to be in His purpose. To be at peace, I need to say, “Jesus, I trust you for my life, my family, my tribe, and my future.” Now I say thank you Jesus for your peace, and I will prepare for the judgment that is coming. Sadly, judgment is coming to the nation who forgets truth and that does not worship the God of creation.

I want to stay close to Jesus’ Spirit, so I can regain focus on the truth and who Jesus is whenever things do not go my way. Bless you and prepare for what God brings next.

– Written by Pa