I watched the grandkids pass by this morning going to summer reading club. It’s peaceful here. I thank God for that peace – outward and inward. The world is in a fear storm all around us. I do not ever remember when so many things happened at the same time. We are in the midst of an external crisis, internal crisis, and spiritual crisis.

On the spiritual level, I believe that we are bombarded by “fear” news, so we focus on our own fragility. We are dying, mostly-helpless beings. We cannot control those things around us. Control is just an illusion. Think for a minute . . . we never could control anything, so what is the difference now? The only thing you have any control over is your will, your ability to make choices. That my friend, is all you really need. With the ability to choose, you can change your world.

You cannot stop the flow of time, but you can choose your destiny. In reality, destiny is utmost; destiny will shape your purpose. And Godly purpose gives peace. The Bible says that God sets before you life and death; you can choose. That means hope and fear are also set before us. What do you want?

I do not mean hope in government or economies. I am talking about putting your hope in Jesus. That means believing that God’s words and promises will invade our physical world and give us solutions and peace. Do the test. Where there is an absence of the believe in God, there is fear, anxiety, and depression.

I know our rational flesh (sense mind) demands to know how I will find food and how I will be protected. The answer is not how, but who. And the who is Jesus. God loves his children more than any earthly father could. We must first become his child through salvation in Jesus then listen, read, and follow the Bible. You might say that is profoundly simple. Yes it is, because it is simply profound in Jesus.

Nothing will save us mentally, physically, and spiritually except Him. When the dust clears and everything of civilization lies in rubble, the only thing remaining will be the cross. Look at the towers of the World Trade Center. All that remained was a cross, created out of the rubble. Do one thing today that will put you on the road to purpose and happiness; give thanks to Jesus for what He has been in your life and will continue to be. Do not just talk it. Walk it. I will stop now and pray for you. Focus, focus, focus on Him.

– Written by Pa