I am hearing these days about a lot of people waking up, and they are scared. They know something bad is about to happen but are not sure what or when. Come on you guys. In Matthew 16:3, Jesus told the Pharisees that they could discern the sky and weather but could not discern the signs of the times.

People need only to look around. The news will tell you that we are headed for total chaos. There is no United States; there is only divided people. Entitled narcissists who would rather see this nation in ruins than to sit down and work together. To these people, no lives matter . . . white, brown, black or any other. What do they want? Power, raw power, not democracy, not a civilization. They are cannibals wanting to devour everyone.

Some people are awakening, people just like you, concerned, practical people. But they are blinded to what they are watching unfold. Then there are the “always optimistic” that say that God will send a revival, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray . . .” Read Revelations. God is going to judge sin. He has called for repentance and no one came forward. Stop the wishful or magical thinking.

Look for people who believe the Bible is the real word of God, not a book of suggestions. Find like-minded people who believe it is a return to the days of Noah (Just as Jesus said in Mathew 24). Build an ark of relationship. Not you join them, or them join you, but find real disciples joined to Jesus. Pray, “God take pride, ambition, selfishness, arrogance, envy, and prejudice out of my life.” Humble yourself and pray. Be confident Jesus is Lord, and the Word is the truth.

Start collecting food for others. Yes, if you’re not concerned about other believers, you’re not worth saving. In Luke 6:31, Christ tells us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Get your head out of the sand of denial and ask God to send you a source that has love and knowledge of Jesus and ark building. He will. Trust me, he will. Make a decision now. Is this place we call America, Fantasy Island or the Titanic? Jesus is the only lifeboat. I am praying for you. If this rings true to your spirit, I would like to know.

– Written by Pa