Picking the garden early this morning reminded me that fall is upon us, and winter will soon follow. It was a true blessing to see all the vegetables and melons ripen this year. Nothing is sweeter than to cut a melon and dig out the heart of it and pass it around. All the expressions – “Mmm!” “Oh man!” and “How delicious!” – are like music. It makes me hungry just talking to you about it.

We were blessed with the greatest garden ever. We gave over 1,000 pounds of okra, zucchini, yellow squash, melons, and potatoes to needy people in our area. We were more blessed because we’ve formed new relationships and have been able to pray with many people. God spoke to us and said, “You do my work, and I will bless what you do.” He has made us prosperous in love, joy, peace, relationships, and things. Our needs are met abundantly.

People sometimes ask me, “Pa, what can I do to prepare for the winter? What is coming?” A physical, mental, and political one. If you practice the golden rule – do unto others what you would have them do unto you, you will be in a position for God to protect and provide for you. When you go to the grocery store, as much as you can, buy for others. At first, buy one or two items you buy for yourself – two cans of beans or corn. Put it away in your new mission cabinet. Next visit, double that number to four. I have faith to believe that Jesus will make your budget expand to cover all that you get for yourself and others. Make it a challenge and call it your “loaves and fishes” cabinet. Jesus is faithful. He loves to join with us in doing good. God will tell you who and when to give, too. I promise, you will be blessed beyond whatever you give. Keep calm, pray, and trust in Jesus of the word. Oh yea, keep warm. God bless you friends.

– Written by Pa