Hi, I am not familiar with this thing—to talk to people in a “blog”. I am more of a face-to-face person . . . but here goes.

I am Pa, according to my 8 grandchildren. Dad and Michael to my children, wife, and friends. I am the patriarch of the tribe, and I will be 72 in December. Sarah, my wife, is just days younger. We have been married 49 years—50 on January 1, 2021. It is amazing how you grow together in 49 years. Tears, fears, and pure grace with a bucket load of God’s love and respect for each other have gotten us this far. I am sure it will see us through to the end. I will share more about my family as I “blog” more, but I want to express something to you.

In my almost 72 years, I have not seen the anxiety and fear that we are experiencing now. If I did not trust Jesus, I would really be scared (maybe more confused)—because these things have never happened in my lifetime—and most likely yours. Not just Corona virus, the never-ending wars, the hostility between Americans and the economic problems. Maybe it is just media-driven fears, but it sometimes sticks.

You might do as I do to combat those fearful thoughts. Here is what I do. First, I tell myself you can live in purpose or drama. Purpose means God loves His children. Jesus called Him “Abba” which means dad or daddy. I was abandoned by my father three months before I was born. He told me later, through my mom, that I was not his and he never wanted to see me. That really hurt. I remember walking down the street hoping he would come up to me, hug me, and say, “I am your dad, and I love you.” That never happened, but I never stopped wishing. That is drama, to expect that the world is where we find love, acceptance, and approval unconditionally.

The only place to find love, joy and peace is with the love of God through Jesus. He purposed to love us. Our purpose is to love Him and demonstrate that through obedience as a servant, as His child.

Let me finish with this thought. You are not alone, even if you feel lonely. You are not unlovable, even if you no longer have someone to tell you that they love you. Your life is not meaningless, even if right now you are uncertain of your purpose.

Would love to hear from you. God loves you and me—this I know.

– Written by Pa