I was worried that I wasn’t ready to be saved, because I didn’t feel any different than I did before. I felt like I always loved God. So, I talked to my parents about it. They said that I would know by this time tomorrow. And they said, just the fact that you are having this conversation, means that you are ready. And if you just pray about it, you’ll know. I went to bed and prayed about it, and I threw out a *fleece. My fleece was that if another baby chick is hatched, I’ll go talk to Pa.
The next morning, I went to the incubator. The lights were off, but I could hear chirping. So, I turned on the lights, and there was a baby chick. I know it wasn’t coincidence, because we hadn’t had baby chicks (born) for two days. I called my parents and told them, and they said they were really proud of me, and that night we talked to Pa and I got saved.

(*Rebekah’ reference to a fleece comes from the story of Gideon being called to lead his people to revolt against their oppressor at the time. He wanted to be obedient to God, but he wanted to make sure that his future actions were truly obedience to God not his own idea, so he asked God to perform something that 1) he could not change if he wanted, and 2) no one else but God would be able to do. God answered Gideon just like he did with Rebekah. For the full story, read.)

Judges 6:36-40

Rebekah is the 11-year-old daughter of Chris and Alisa. She has always been a truly sweet, tender-hearted child. Her conversion and baptism has thrilled our hearts. You will not find a more sincere child. God is good – all the time.

– Written by Rebekah