I am in a unique position that I’m not sure anyone really expected. Everyone thought it was a possibility but not really expected. I got COVID!! The question I have asked myself and I’m sure many of you have asked the same question is, “How did this happen? He was so cautious.” Well, there are ten thousand different possibilities, and trying to pinpoint one is futile. For me, there is really only one answer. God wanted me to get it. Wow, really that’s not the God I want. He wants “Bad Things” to happen to me? Actually, yes that is exactly the God you want. Why?

First of all, to really understand this we have to change our vocabulary. Just like Pa continues to say, and I usually argue, the words you use directly affect the interpretation of what is being said. First off, “All things work together for the good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose.” Consequently, if you maintain the last two things – loving God and being called, then there are no “Bad Things.” There are only “God Things.”

Now that we have had a bit of a vocabulary adjustment let’s look into the why?

Why did God want this to happen to me? This is not a statement of divine truth, just what has been going through my head. We can blame the COVID if this makes no sense at all, so here goes. Jeremiah said it the other night, “There is no growth without struggle.” So, to answer the why is simple; God wants us to grow. By grow I mean to grow in Him. There are always lessons to be learned and places that I need growth. For me, there are many pretty big takeaways in this situation.

God is in Control

God being in control is both a step of faith and a blanket of comfort. This is a God thing, so I have to know through faith that it is good (a “God Thing”). So no matter how it turns out, I should be comforted by this.

Be Reflective, Not Obsessive

Things like this should make you reflect. What decisions have I made? Did I truly do what God was asking me to do? What needs to be cleaned up? I have reflected on all of these questions, but I have not obsessed with them. It has caused me to focus on Him but not obsess over, “Am I being punished or did I cause this?” We all have things we need to get better at. Things like this allow you to refocus on those things, especially if you are in quarantine.

Lee said it in Sunday School when he asked the question, “How do we adjust what we do based on the information we receive?” The answer to that is a relationship with God. So reflect, refocus, adjust, initiate, and move on.

Family/Tribe is Everything

Quarantine has a funny way of messing with you. It is kind of like sin. Sure, it’s fun!! (Long Pause) For a season. Man, that season ended pretty quickly though. Perspective is everything, and this definitely puts things into perspective. What is important and what is not? Items of comfort are nice and not having to be around others is not bad for about 24 hours, okay 48 at the most. Those things may still feel good, but those things take you away from your purpose.

My family and my tribe, if you are lucky enough to have a real one, is the purpose God put me on this earth. Not to make money, not to be successful, and not to be alone. It is time to cherish every second I get to fulfill God’s purpose with my family and my tribe.

I say all these things to give an idea of where I am. There will be a number of new lessons learned, epiphanies realized, and thumped upside the head moments before this is all over, but as Alisa says, “I will embrace the suck, because that is where “God things” happen.”

– Written by Chris