I hear the phrase, “faith over fear.” I say that is manipulation, not true caring for each other. The coronavirus has brought out the best and worst in so many people. I think it is and has been one of the most divisive events since the Vietnam War or even the Civil War. It feels more like the Civil War. We have the mask versus the non-mask people. And, like the Civil War, the average citizen has no clue about the actual facts or potential outcomes. We are all looking through the predetermined lens of our prejudiced glasses. Some see only mask colors; others see the no mask colors. And with politics, we are dyed in the wool liberals or conservatives. What is more perplexing is that my “expert sources” say the opposite of your “expert sources,” and neither side is consistent. That is because we have taken a purely medical issue and made it political.

Now there is one thing more destructive and diabolical than politics. That is religion. When I speak of religion, I do not mean the Bible or the principles of Christ. Religion is when people coopt what is meant to be spiritual and use it for their own selfish ambition and narcissistic goals.

God forbade and judges us when we use a connection to faith to support our own political ambition, business, or professional advancement. God help us and punish each of us who would manipulate people that are afraid of something real – 1 million people worldwide have died of coronavirus. The word says the devils believe in Jesus and tremble. These brash hypocrites do not even care if they make people who get the coronavirus feel like they are faithless. Shame! Shame on you! You are blind guides leading people to not only feel weak and worthless, but to become hateful and bitter to those who disagree with your position.

If it were a matter of faith over fear that God spoke of in the Bible, then why have we seen ministers who spoke those words from their pulpits die of the virus. Was it they lacked faith? If you judge them as fearful men of God, you better be careful; God will hold you to the same standard. Are you saying that good, Godly men and women each year that die from diseases, have no faith? If that is who we are in our thinking, God help us!!

We need to fall on our knees and ask for forgiveness. We need to pray for the sick as Jesus said, not ridicule them. Just last week, we had a friend who hated the mask, and he contracted coronavirus. He is a good, Godly man that I believe will make a good recovery. As of October 27th, 205,257 Americans have died of coronavirus. Let’s respect their memory and pray for their families. “God forgive us when we care more about money, politics, and power than human life. Amen”

Your thoughts?

– Written by Pa